Innovation center

Working together in order to promote innovation in sustainable construction" that is the aim of Neobuild.

Neobuild is the first and unique technological innovation pole for the sustainable construction sector in Luxembourg. 

Neobuild covers a wide span of the value chain, both upstream and downstream, from creating the network and seeking funding to promote the innovations for the sector.

All its technical, technological and humans resources are at your service to develop with you viable and relevant projects.


Neobuild plays an essential role by observing the sustainable construction market. It is committed to keeping its members informed on the latest innovations.


  Neobuild is a catalyst of innovations and skills. Its extensive and solid network of partners and experts enables it to meet your needs and requests with efficiency.
Enjoy a taylor-made support for the launching of your innovative project: from the needs analysis and the engineering feasibility study, to the research funding, through the technical consulting and the promotion of the project.   By being a facilitator, Neobuild connects your innovative project to its specific market.