By being a facilitator, Neobuild connects your innovative project to its specific market.

Neobuild organises a variety of actions in order to promote your projects: conferences and workshops, publication of releases, etc.


Events are special occasions to offer your clients or your shareholders new experiences. They give you the opportunity to meet partners, to develop your business and to create collaborative projects.

Neobuild makes all its human and material resources available for you, to ensure that your B to B meetings are as effective as possible.


Magazine dedicated to innovation and sustainable construction, NEOMAG highlights the trends and the developments of our sector.  

Printed in 5000 copies and widely distributed in Luxembourg, NEOMAG is written by professionals for professionals, with a technical approach.

NEOMAG is written by professionals for professionals, with a technical approach.
 Number of pages: 80 pages
 Prints: 5.000 copies
Periodicity: 8 publications per year
Distribution : FREE, targeted to all the construction companies in Luxembourg, architects and consulting engineers, promoters, contractors, municipalities and public institutions, banks, insurance.


Construction21 is a social media and a collaborative platform dedicated to all professionals active in the sustainable building and city sector, to help them discover and develop new ways of sustainable building. Its objective is to accelerate transition to green by facilitating innovation and spreading best practices between practitioners, public authorities, researchers and academics.

Construction21 has developed an original approach, combining local to global. Construction21 is first considered as a national portal, where users share information and experience with their peers, in their language. But Construction21 is also an international online network, providing professionals with an access to innovations from the all over the world. 

In Luxembourg, Construction 21 is carried by Neobuild and CDEC, the Council for the economic development of the construction sector. 

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